Best In Class F-1000 Engine Builder.



Jul 25, 2013

Moon’s Super Cycle  Motorcycle, F1000 (FB), F600, & DSR Engine Building

Specializing in Supersport and Superbike performance Japanese motorcycle engine building and building engines for motorcycle powered formula car racing such as: DSR, SCCA US Formula 1000 and Formula 600 class.  Moon has 14 years experience building engines for clients who consistently win National Championships in US Formula 1000 2010-2013, ASRA 2003-2010 and SCCA Formula 1000.  

Moon’s Super Cycle also built the motors for Stiles Racing’s Meghan and Scotty Ryan. Meghan and Scotty placed first in all 10 ASRA races in which they competed. They took a pass on the 11th race to take time out for their wedding, making them a very happy husband and wife team.

Moon’s Super Cycle – Trackside Support- F1000, F600, DSR, & Motorcycle Racing

Greg Moon of Moon’s Super Cycle provides on-site support at motorcycle road racing, US Formula 1000, Formula 600, and DSR motorcycle engine based car racing events.

Moon’s Super Cycle – Dyno Tuning & Fuel Mapping 

Here at Moon’s Super Cycle we can tune your bike or motorcycle powered formula car engine to achieve optimum performance and reliability.  If you are looking to experience all of the power your trackbike has to offer, we can program your Power Commander-equipped bike to accomplish just that. Whether you’re on the track or the strip, Moon’s Super Cycle specializes in helping you attain optimal performance through custom mapping using our DynoJet 250i dyno.  We also have the ability to reprogram the factory computer settings and fuel mapping in most Japanese Sportbikes.  In addition, Moon’s Super Cycle  has experience building and tuning Turbo & NOS equipped bikes for maximum performance and reliability.




Crankshaft Balancing and Engine Blueprinting

Have Moon’s Super Cycle balance your crankshaft and blueprint your engine for maximum performance and reliability.

Custom Porting

Moon’s Super Cycle uses proprietary porting techniques based on years of research and flow bench testing.  The proof is in our consistent championship winning clients.   Just ask them how they like their Moon’s Super Cycle’s custom porting or stop by our shop and check out the trophies.

Moon’s Super Cycle Turbo & NOS Specialists

Moon’s Super Cycle installs and tunes Turbo & NOS systems for maximum performance and reliability.